Timeless Family Vintage Portraits
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November 22, 2012
By Iman
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Happy Thanksgiving. Today I am thankful for friends I call family.

Here's a note from Angel explaining her thoughts behind the shoot:

"She does it again!!! The incredibly talented Iman Woods blessed myself and my Minion with these amazing photos. I wanted something special as a gift for my parents. I wanted our photos to capture the period, culture, and essence of the Zoot Suit era, as this was a defining period of time in Chicano history. Not to mention an era and struggle that my father holds near to his heart. While the Chicano struggle of this era, as well as decades to follow is not necessarily taught or discussed in todays history books and classes, it is far from forgotten. And though Iman was not completely familiar with the history, as many people aren't, she nailed it with these photos. They capture everything I'd hoped for and more. And I was glad to be able to share the history with her during this shoot. Thank you Iman! I am blessed to call you a friend."

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