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Pinup Therapy Testimonial From A Real Life Glamazon
June 04, 2013
By Iman
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We've been planning this shoot for a long time. Her energy on set was incredible. Even though we had a quite a few distractions. ;) She's stunning inside and out and smart as a whip. Can't wait to share the rest of her incredible pinup art.


I'm so glad we did this! Seriously, the way you photograph women makes the rest of us second-guess being straight. ;)

Thank you so much for bringing me out of my stay-at-home mommy hood for a day showcasing my ultra-glam sexy alter-ego.



Pinup Therapy Testimonial
May 31, 2013
By Iman
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After every photo shoot each lucky #pinuptherapy girl signs a card for our Hall of Fame. (It used to be just a wall!) 

These cards keep me grounded and make me feel blessed to have the job I have. Xo, Lauren!

What is Pinup Therapy?
May 18, 2013
By Iman
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I have spent over a decade developing techniques to help every woman own her beauty.

Pinup Therapy is a way to SHOW yourself how beautiful you are, with your unique features.

It's stepping into the confidence and beauty of a pinup girl. No matter your age, size or insecurities you can rock a photo shoot. 

It's like retail therapy - only better!