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Hot hot hot!
November 09, 2012
By Iman
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Here's our big HOT announcement! Spice up the holidays with a boudoir or pinup party! We've made our glamorous process and art affordable too. ;) We're only planning to offer this through the holidays. Book NOW to get prints and wall art in time for Christmas. For before and afters and party pricing see our website.
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Glambition Sneak Peek!
October 02, 2012
By Iman
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*Mark your calendar for our next Dickens Opera House Showcase: Glambition November 3rd 2012*


glambition: (noun) - term used to define "real beauty" that involves caring about your appearance, but not sticking to perfect image.

I admire her glambition, because her confidence makes her beautiful.


Photography by Iman Woods | Assited by Jane Komperda | Hair by Denise Romero | Makeup by Mattie Thomas

Baast in Black


Stephanie Hjortkilde

       Nina Reed


Norell Leung


MC Ginger Cauley


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