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We CAN Change Self-Esteem!
April 16, 2013
By Iman
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Here's an interview with Linh for 8 Women Dream. In her own words we hear about the changes she's undergone. With hard work and positive outlook, we CAN change how we feel about ourselves. Linh is so brave to share her story.

For dreamers of all kinds, the perfection in failure
November 28, 2012
By Iman
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What would you actually do to make your dreams come true?
November 14, 2012
By Iman
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Just as every other aspect of your life has wants and needs, when you start your career, you have dreams. Mine was simple, if impossible. I wanted to change the world. 

I wanted beauty to be redefined to include the natural. That meant working, myself first, then one woman at a time, to help us see ourselves in loving ways. For nearly a decade, I've worked night and day towards redefining beauty.

I'm proud, humbled and honored to have my life's work recognized.

Several months ago I met Remy when she interviewed me for 8 Women Dream, an inspiring blog that helps you go after your dreams. It was an amazing experience and I said to myself, someday I want to be a contributing guest blogger on their site. Little did I know I should have dreamed bigger.

I'm the newest member of 8 Women Dream! Remy Gervais, my talented and beautiful photographer friend is passing the baton to me while she takes some time off. I have big fabulous shoes to fill.

I'll be blogging weekly about my dreams and how I work towards them through motherhood, illness and the economy. The 8 Women Dream team (and they ARE a dream team!) is one of the most successful blogs for women. They are amazing women that I admire and that you'll love to know. 

That means I won't be blogging here as often, though I promise to be more reliable here and blog 1-2 times per month. 

My first post as one of the 8 will be Wednesday, November 21, 2012. Please visit and leave a comment! I'm terrified that I'm not a good enough writer, photographer, too sick to commit… The discomfort is what told me I had to say yes. Come with me on this journey, we're changing the world.