Maxine's Pinup Photography
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February 18, 2015
By Iman
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I'm so excited to share Maxine's collection of pinup art.

I met her through my sister and from the start she cracked me up. (Just like my sister does.) She’s not “kind of” a badass. This lady is a badass.  

She booked a pinup party with two ladies who can only be described as equally delightful.

We met at our studio in Downtown Mebane, NC. With our hair and makeup stylist Kimberly on set, we squeezed every last drop of fabulous out of that day. The ladies brought some of their own items and used some of our wardrobe. We planned outfits with pretty shoes, flowy A-line dresses, form fitting corsets, ruffle undies and crinoline skirts.

There was laughter, and jokes and wine. Which may or may not have led to more laughter and jokes. We talked about our bodies. Tried to frame things a positive light. And each woman allowed herself to take part in the process. That’s magic.

Towards the end of the day, Maxine even rocked a corset and just a tulle skirt outside to be photographed with the historic building across the street. Her confidence is inspiring.

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