Bragging Rights!
September 03, 2012
By Iman
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Before you become a parent, everyone tells you how much you'll love your child. How it will blow you away at times and that all the hard parts are well worth it.

Now that I'm a mom I am constantly floored by the way children learn and absorb the information around them. My kid, my friends' kids, kids I meet at the grocery store. They have the innocence we all lost when life got hard. They still glow with trust that the world is a good place. They do and say extraordinary things every day. Candid thoughts become tangible proof that people have incredible depth from birth.

Recently, my friend's daughter wrote herself a song that brought me to tears. I was so overcome with the truth of her words, I wanted to bottle this moment up for her to keep forever. I know too well the downward slope self-esteem takes as we hit puberty. So I offered to take pictures of Cierrah with her song. Her mom and dad shared the blog on Facebook and her grandma wrote the sweetest comment.

Today, it hit me like a ton of bricks. How many moms and dads watch with awe as their children experience these moments that they don't want to forget? How many times have (a professional photographer at that) missed a milestone in the Bub's life?

I talked to my mama friends and we came up with the Bragging Rights photo sessions! I'm so excited to share this with you!

For one day, I'll offer $45 photo sessions of your child with an award, a picture, a painting, a karate belt, a merit badge, a tooth lost... I'll take 5 shots and you'll get one 5x7 and if you love all the pictures you can buy the additional prints at ala carte pricing. I'll include digital downloads of every print you purchase.

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