About Iman

Iman has the ability to see light, expose it artistically, and make any client comfortable enough to capture their spirit in a photograph. Whether it’s meticulous lighting control in the studio to a landscape to an event with challenging natural light, she can create art and emotive expressions.

Her work has been featured in televisionprintradio and online worldwide. She's worked for and with celebrities as well as women of all sizes, ages and backgrounds. And she's a patient pro with kids and pets. Iman's mission with her pinup art is to help women around the world say, “I am beautiful!”

Through a unique therapeutic process she’s spent over a decade perfecting, she helps woman and girls undo the damage of negative self-image and unrealistic expectations. Using vintage pinup art and giving modern girls 1940s and 1950s makeovers, she helps women embrace their unique beauty and sees themselves in a new light.

From houses to custom homes her architectural work and ability to capture the spatial feel of a space has won awards. Her graphic design has also won awards.

Located in Durham, NC.